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powersure UPS

uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

power distribution units (pdu)



powersure UPS
powersure UPS
powersure UPS

Eaton is a diversified power management company operating for over 100 years. The company operates through various segments, including electrical products, electrical systems and services, aerospace, vehicle, and most recently, e-mobility.

Eaton’s power quality portfolio encompasses a comprehensive suite of power management solutions, including uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), surge protective devices, power distribution units (PDUs), remote monitoring, software, power factor correction, airflow management, rack enclosures and services. With all our products, Eaton strives for continued success in leveraging technical innovation to develop next-generation solutions.

Eaton has continually grown its power quality business through developing innovative products and services as well as strategic acquisitions of companies like PowerwareMGE Office Protection SystemsBest PowerPulizziAphel, and Wright Line.

powersure onity locks

electronic locks

energy management


powersure onity locks
powersure onity safe

Electronic safes


powersure onity locks
powersure onity minibar

From its beginning in 1941 as a lock manufacturer, Onity is now a leading global provider of electronic locking systems in many industries.

The company's expanding portfolio of facility management products includes electronic locking systems, energy management systems, and in-room safes.  Headquartered in Salem, Oregon (USA), Onity has R&D and manufacturing operations in Spain, Mexico, China, and the U.S., as well as an extensive sales and service network that spans more than 125 countries

As a leading global provider of electronic locking systems, Onity offers innovative technological solutions and services for the Hospitality, Corporate, Education, Government and Marine markets. The company's ever-expanding family of facility management solutions includes electronic locks, in-room safes, and Sensorstat energy-management systems

powersure aliseo

hotel hair dryers

guest room


cosmetic mirror

bathroom accessories

powersure aliseo
powersure aliseo
powersure aliseo
powersure aliseo

Since 1985 Aliseo has been a driver behind a new culture of design.

The sensitive technologically advanced products from Aliseo are specifically engineered to provide a new level of service efficiency to the hotelier and a new level of comfort to their guests.

Aliseo invests in cutting edge research exploring “new ways” of thinking in design development, production techniques and material use.

Aliseo continuously monitors the evolving trends and demands of the hospitality sector by constantly seeking out the sentiments of leading hotel chains, interior and product designers and its own well established client base.

powersure chubbsafes safe

home & office safes

drop safes

entrance control

powersure safe 1

fireproof safes

fireproof file cabinets

vault doors

powersure safe 2

Chubbsafes solutions are well known and appreciated for their unique combination of robustness, reliability and modern designs. 

Having provided high-quality protection solutions for almost two centuries, Chubbsafes combines experience with innovation to create trustworthy products for maximum protection against burglary, fire and explosives.

The Chubbsafes solutions are rigorously tested by international and independent accreditation bodies to guarantee the best protection available.

powersure kohler marine generator

pleasure craft generators

commercial vessels power generators

powersure kohler marine generator

For the last 100 years, we’ve powered every vessel you can imagine — in every part of the

Out on the water, the only thing that matters is reliability. Because everybody knows the money stops as soon as your generator does. That’s where we come in.

We’re Kohler. And for nearly 100 years, we’ve built some of the best commercial generators on water. Truth is, we’re a lot like you. We’re good at what we do. And we make no apologies for it.

Every weld, wire and circuit is a badge of honor. If our craftsmen have touched it, it is good and true. And if our name is on it, it’s going to work.

Every KOHLER marine generator is extensively quality-tested—before model release and before leaving the factory. The result is proven reliability.


powersure yuasa battery

lead acid batteries

Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Batteries

powersure yuasa battery

GS Yuasa are one of the world’s largest global manufacturers of Lead-Acid and Lithium-ion

(Li-ion) batteries.

For over 30 years, GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd have been Europe’s leading battery supplier and the number one choice for quality, performance and reliability.

GS Yuasa Battery Europe Ltd consists of five sales companies and one battery manufacturing company.

Yuasa began development of valve regulated lead acid batteries in 1958. Today's battery is the culmination of over 75 years of battery manufacturing experience.

The high energy density, advanced plate technology, sealed construction, efficient performance and long service combine to make Yuasa Batteries the most reliable and versatile valve regulated lead acid batteries available. Yuasa NP, NPC and NPH batteries Utilising the latest advance design Oxygen Recombination Technology, Yuasa have applied their 80 years experience in the lead acid battery field to produce the optimum design of sealed Lead Acid Batteries.

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