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Powersure Ltd, founded in July 2004, Is an industry leader in the energy solution provider field.

Powersure employs 80 highly talented individuals of which about 55 are engineers and technicians. The technical teams look after a wide range of tasks ranging from design, tendering, quoting, ordering, implementing, testing, commissioning & servicing. We have at our disposal 30 vehicles and highly specialised tools to enable us to perform our duties to the very best level 24/7.

Our mission today is to produce work of EXCELLENCE and our mission tomorrow is IMPROVEMENT

Powersure Team

Many of our Engineers and technicians have solid, proven track records and have been specific to the field of

UPS and Generators for almost 30 years.

Powersure Team 2

At Powersure, we are very proud of our

team and we ensure that

  • There is always a high amount of positive energy amongst all the teams and their leaders and that they enjoy what they do. 

  • There is high level of trust and respect between team members and their leaders.

  • Victories and defeats are shared.

  • There is open communication between all members whereby everyone can speak their mind.


We put much effort  in knowledge sharing , in house training as well as factory training overseas or by supplier engineers regularly visiting us. We have reached the highest level of recognition of service provider from all our suppliers and are often called upon to install and commission or repair equipment in other neighbouring countries.



At Powersure, we concentrate only on products and services we have experience in and are knowledgeable about. Our primary focus is customer service and some example of what we offer are as follows:

  • Free Of Charge site surveys to tailor-make a solution best suited for you.

  • Install, Commission, service our brand of equipment at your premises.

  • 24/7 availability to troubleshoot your installations.

  • Rental services for Generators, Light towers, UPS & hospitality products.

Powersure Team 3


With a wide range of loyal customer ranging from Banking, hospitality, Telecommunication services, Industries to Office and Residential, Powersure delivers through its world class products, customer satisfaction experience.

Besides our core business which is UPSs (Uninterruptible Power supplies) and Power generators, we provide a vast range of well known products and accessories for hotels, public areas, medical centers and private residences such as electronic/heavyduty/fireproof safes, electronic locks, minibars, bathroom accessories amongst others.


Powersure is a modern boundaryless organisation company employing 80 fully motivated, dynamic and talented achievers. Among us are professionals and engineers to implement and deliver the best solutions for you and your business. 



some of our faithful customers
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