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Design & Implementation

Our teams are at your disposal for a site survey on your premises to ensure that the equipment we shall propose is of the right capacity. We also assess your electrical installation to ensure that everything is rated for the proposed equipment. 

Often we have to ‘build into your existing system redundancy that enable your IT system to continue running even if part of the electrical installation fails. A detailed survey will have to be done by one of our engineers who will then design a tailor made solution for this client.


The advantages for the client are numerous as everything will be done with a minimum downtime to ensure that his business is least affected by this new installation. Not to mention the cost saving in doing it that way instead of doing a new installation from scratch. 


Nowadays, once IT servers are switched on, it is nearly impossible to switch them off again so redundancy has become vital in many places. Proper maintenance can also be performed since the client has redundancy as otherwise, one would hope that the UPS or other component of the electrical installation does not fail! 


We have a wide array of tools at our disposal that enable us to do our job with more accuracy and efficiency. The tools range from the simple multimeter to infrared thermometer, Infrared camera to very sophisticated scopemeters and power quality analysers that enable thorough analysis and even recording of multiple parameters simultaneously  at your premises to see when and where a problem occurs in your electrical system.