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Powersure employs 70 highly talented individuals of which about 50 are Engineers and technicians. The technical teams look after a wide range of tasks ranging from design, tendering, quoting, ordering, implementing, testing, commissioning & servicing. We have at our disposal 20 vehicles and highly specialised tools to enable us to perform our duties to the very best level 24/7.

We are very proud of our team and Powersure ensures that (i) there is always a high amount of positive energy amongst all the teams and their leaders and that they enjoy what they do. (ii) A high level of trust and respect exist between its team members and their leaders. (iii) Victories and defeats are shared and through it all the team stays together. (iv) there is open communication between all members whereby everyone can speak their mind. (iv) The teams gets together to ask question, weigh their options, think what they can do and go for it.


A lot of emphasis is laid on in house training as well as training overseas or by supplier engineers regularly visiting us. We have reached the highest level of recognition of service provider from all our suppliers and are often called upon to install and commission or repair equipment in other countries.


Our Engineers and some technicians have proven track records and have been specific to the field of UPS and Generators for almost 20 years.